Pursuit of Hippieness

There’s a hippie in me.

It is lured by the sight and smell of rains. It is cajoled by beautiful music. It is persuaded by the thrill of budding romance. Or sometimes in the midst of wildly delightful nature. It is overwhelmed by gastronomical indulgences, by a plethora of gorgeous colors, by soulful lyrics, a stirring, sensitive movie or by an intense meaningful, satisfying conversation. By a special someone, by a quiet walk in the moonlight, by the sight of exquisite beauty in any form or when I watch the antics of a playful kitten or by the hedonistic pleasure & pride brought about by creating something of my own or doing something I care about, really well. Regardless of the source, is sways me and leaves me mystified.

My soul values, thrives & feeds on these moments.

It is a surge of blood, charging through my veins, creating a musical symphony. It is a sense of high and intoxication, that is unlike anything induced by an external source. It is powerful. My senses are heightened and faculties sharpened and there’s euphoria running uncontrolled. It introduces me to the raw wellspring of creativity and passions within me. It seduces me to walk on the wild, carefree side. It gives me an opportunity to realize the power of the life force within me. It leaves me awe-struck and wondering about this magical almost spiritual experience.

It makes me want to sing with gay abandon, dance till I drop, wear pretty clothes and walk with a devil-may-care swagger. It makes me want to laugh with a carefree, delicious ring, to paint my nails in crazy colors, to run across a beach, anything! I am truly and completely in love with myself and life itself, as I know it.

Then the reins of societal norms and worldly considerations pull Aladdin’s rug beneath my happy feet. It is not a comfortable landing but inevitable and sometimes necessary. Wild has another synonym sometimes, dangerous. The dark urges released could very well lead to doom. The shackles bring us back to our duties, responsibilities, practicalities, norms, social pressures, our reputations, professionalism, politically correct behavior, customs, decorum, etiquette; like demons squelching the very veins of freedom. We do live where judgement is an invariable reflex & the ‘SuperEgo’ pulses hard — getting harder and harder to ignore as inner doubts grow.

It is also awesomely imperative though. Think about it. You kill your inner hippie, you in essence lose your magic. You deny yourself the liberty and creativity; you lose touch with the hidden romantic, that beautiful wellspring of fervor and fire and free-flowing impulse. We just need to learn to enhance it in a manner that evolves us best.

Minus substance-abuse! Natural & inner sources at best :)

Internalize the essence of that vivacious free-spirit… let it spring free like violently colored, enticingly raw blossoms on an achingly alive summer day :)

Bo-hee-ME-uhn :)