Something, Anything

For weeks now, we are all privy to the toxic assault of sad, bad news that has plagued the world. And unless you live in a remote location or isolated from social media it is hard to separate the events from our daily lives; now even more so — as…

“You are only free when you realize you belong no place; you belong every place — no place at all.”

My Reflection on Dr. Maya Angelou’s famous quote

I’ve heard this quote referenced in several places — books, interviews, talk shows. World renowned researcher & storyteller Dr. Brené Brown has often re-quoted this & talked about how this led to some her most revolutionary work; including the book — ‘Braving the Wilderness’.

To me, although I understand the…

The Art of Living from other Sentient Beings

Over a year ago, my mother rescued a budgie (budgerigar or parakeet — native to Australia) bird, from a horrible, almost certain death at the beaks of vicious crows. He had apparently given the crows a commendable chase, while they were on a heated pursuit. When my mother brought him…

There’s a hippie in me.

It is lured by the sight and smell of rains. It is cajoled by beautiful music. It is persuaded by the thrill of budding romance. Or sometimes in the midst of wildly delightful nature. It is overwhelmed by gastronomical indulgences, by a plethora of gorgeous…


Exec Coach | Empath | Zoophilist | Psychologist | Closet Artist | Classical Vocalist | Seeker | Lemongrass Tea & Rains

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